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EMoo Mobility Private Limited

Emoo acts as an aggregator of OEMs, Dealers, Assemblers, Financial Institutions and Service Network. Emoo offers multi brand EV sales & service franchise network to OEMs and FIs.

  • EMOO

Govt. of India paved the way for exponential growth of the EV Industry by offering incentives to customers and companies to bolster conversions from ICE engines to Battery Operated Vehicles. Emoo has been formed with an aim to revolutionise the EV Industry by offering EVs at the doorstep of the customer. After careful consideration and analysing the problems being faced by OEMs in the current  EV ecosystem, EMOO came into existence.

Generally, following components are very much crucial to the success of the EV Industry:

  1. Quality Assured Product
  2. Quality Assured Service
  3. Availability of Finance
  4. Marketing

LUDO Capital is an investing company that intends to give professionals and salaried people access to high-quality, high-return investment opportunities. We at LUDO want to find solutions to such capital shortage issues. If your business idea is deserving and has the potential to soar, LUDO Ventures and LUDO Capital will provide you with outstanding sales support. LUDO Capital is also more than happy to assist you. To ensure the success of your brand and increased commercial transactions, we offer expertly designed strategies and services. We identify ventures or concepts with this kind of market-surprise potential and provide them with the necessary capital patronage. Our unstoppable plans and tactics will not only address your issues with a lack of funds, but will also aid in the expansion and stabilisation of your brand.

If you are a Salaried Professional, retired person or anyone with a regular income, we have lucrative investment opportunities for you too!!

Ludo Capital
Ludo Sports

We oversee all sports athletes and provide them with the tools they need to advance. Our team of professionals works to develop young talent and secure contracts with brands. Our mission is to bridge the gap between fan audiences and celebrities in order to revolutionise the sports and sponsorship industries.

We are motivated to make a difference in the sports sector and beyond while assisting our clients in succeeding on and off the pitch.


Our world is one of rapid exponential change. People are constantly searching for better, more inventive, user-friendly, dependable, and cost-effective goods and services. We must accept technology and the Internet as a part of our daily life if we want to continue.

Our main goal is to offer dependable transport services that are simple to obtain, supported by technology that is available 24/7. Our programme is simple to use and comprehend, allowing consumers to effortlessly book a cab or ride even when they are in a foreign location.

Our goal is to offer our clients timely, comfortable, safe, and dependable taxi services. We have reimagined our offerings to be:

  • More affordable;
  • Technologically cutting-edge with the newest trends.
  • Innovative, simple to use, and geared towards dynamic customers
Ludo Holidays

Although there are many websites available and the amount of information can be overwhelming, booking a tour package on your own can occasionally be frustrating because what initially seems simple turns into a chore and a hassle. We at Ludo HOLIDAYS want your experience to be hassle-free. You join the Ludo Holidays family when you book your holiday package with us; you no longer just become one of our customers. We genuinely care about your travel experience, so we collaborate closely with you to make sure that your travel memories—whether you’re on a honeymoon trip to Bali or a family holiday to Malaysia—will be ones you treasure and remember for a lifetime.