Focused Sectors

  • SaaS

End customers can access software programmes online thanks to the cloud-based software delivery paradigm known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In a SaaS model, the software is maintained and updated by the service provider, hosted on remote servers, and made accessible to customers through web browsers, mobile apps, and APIs. Since the early 2000s, the SaaS operating model has been increasingly widespread, helped in part by the emergence of cloud computing. The cost and complexity of implementing and operating SaaS applications have been significantly lowered because to developments in cloud computing, which have made it possible to provide software applications over the internet utilising distant servers.

LUDO VENTURES provides expertly selected and meticulously crafted programmes that will enable you to succeed in the IT/software sector. We give your product or service every advantage necessary to succeed in the market.

  • EV

In India, the market for electric vehicles is still in its infancy. Even though it accounts for less than 1% of all vehicle sales, it has the potential to increase to more than 5% in a few years. More than 5 lac electric two-wheelers and a few thousand electric vehicles are currently on Indian roads. Low-speed electric scooters (less than 25 km/hr), which are exempt from registration and licencing requirements, make up more than 90% of the electric vehicles on Indian roads. To keep costs down, almost all electric scooters use lead batteries, but in addition to government subsidies, battery problems and short battery lives are becoming important sales-limiting factors. A lot of manufacturers have started installing the charging station.

With EV giants like e Ashwa & EMOO under its wing, LUDO VENTURES has pledged to Stop Not Until Vehicle on the Indian Road is an Electric Vehicle. Our marketing services support you with incredible and original ideas that will help you stand out from the competition and improve the recognition and placement of your brand. Our sales support team makes sure to create both short-term and long-term objectives in order to maximise your financial gains.


The fourth-largest sector of the Indian economy is the FMCG sector. Due to expansion that was driven by consumers and rising product prices, particularly for necessities, the FMCG industry in India developed. About 3 million people are employed in the FMCG sector, which accounts for about 5% of all factory jobs in India. Revenue growth for FMCG sales in the nation was projected to increase by 7-9% in 2022–2023. In India, household and personal care products account for 50% of FMCG sales, making this sector a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.

You can rely on LUDO to deliver just the greatest ideas and carry them out brilliantly. We have skilled and imaginative employees who are knowledgeable about the FMCG industry’s operations and prospects for expansion. For the success of your brand, our team develops programmes that are grounded in science and research.


Hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment are all part of the healthcare industry, which has grown to be one of India’s largest industries. Due to expanding services, coverage, and spending by both public and private entities, the healthcare sector is expanding at an extremely fast rate. By 2023, the Indian health-tech market is projected to rise to $5 billion, and in another ten years, to $50 billion. India’s diagnostics market is presently estimated at $4 billion. This area has a nearly 25% organised sector share (15% in labs and 10% in radiology). India’s diagnostics market is presently estimated at $4 billion. Nearly 25% of this segment’s revenue comes from the organised sector.

The corporate world has a significant segment dedicated to healthcare. With each new day, it continues to expand and change. We’ve got your back if you’re a healthcare business hoping to soar to the top of the field. At LUDO, you will observe a superb selection and implementation of strategies and concepts that will assist you in building a reliable empire and expanding at the same time.


India has the greatest adoption rate of fintech in the world, at 87%, which is much higher than the global average of 64%. One of the world’s Fintech markets with the quickest growth rates is India. In India, there are currently more than 2,000 DPIIT-recognized Financial Technology (FinTech) businesses, and this number is rapidly increasing. Payments, Lending, Wealth Technology (Wealth Tech), Personal Finance Management, Insurance Technology (InsurTech), Regulation Technology (RecTech), and many other subsegments make up the Indian Fintech business ecosystem. 

The number of UPI transactions in semi-urban and rural India increased by 650%. In 2022, there would be an increase in aided financial transactions across semi-urban and rural retail counters in the country of around 25% and 14% in value and volume, respectively.

LUDO encompasses more than just sales support services. Our financial services division, LUDO monetary, oversees the Financial Technology Industry by giving start-ups and established companies the necessary monetary patronage. We offer improved and mechanised financial services that open the door for growth and innovation.


The edtech industry in India has exploded in the last several years, making it the world’s epicentre. The governmental sector serves as a facilitator while the private sector assumes a pivotal role. The pandemic resulted in a surge in edtech financing for India’s education sector. According to industry statistics, when edtech was used to help students study for competitive tests, the success rate increased to roughly 7% as opposed to less than 1% when using the traditional classroom mass-teaching models. In India, there are more than 4,450 edtech businesses helping more than 300 million students. Of these, 40 million are higher education students whose studies were interfered with by covid.

Everyone, including students, instructors, and organisations, places education at the top of their priority lists. There are many prospects for growth in the burgeoning profession of education. LUDO Ventures is the answer you need to distinguish yourself and demonstrate your greatness in the face of the numerous institutions that are growing every day. We provide you with the greatest sales, staffing, marketing, and advertising solutions to increase your chances of success.