LUDO Ventures is the big successful dream that has scaled itself into multiple fields of businesses – Education, Travel and Tourism, E Commerce,  Staffing and Software Industry. We strive to offer the best in everything we do. The company’s sole vision is to “Grow Together”, always. Every business faces ups and  downs, profits and losses, so did LUDO, but our family of hard- working professionals have managed to overcome every hurdle and shine bright in times of darkness. 

We have assiduously built ourselves into four strong entities- LUDO Holidays, LUDO Digital, LUDO Solutions and LUDO Capital, that are one of the leading in businesses in their respective fields. “Arise, Awake and Stop not until the goal of building 100 successful SaaS entrepreneurs is achieved” , is our goal at LUDO. We aspire to captivate a minimum 500 successful brand deal, 5 years down the line. 

Whichever services you choose for yourself/ brand among LUDO’s entities- Holidays, Capital, Solutions or Digital, we assure to serve only the best. Trust LUDO to sign you up for an innovative, creative, fruitful and successful solution for your brand. We whole- heartedly participate in every operation of your business, enabling an efficient workforce and plans to effectively strengthen your business expansion. Our monetary benefits are claimed only after profits have been credited to you. “Our Workforce, Our Finance- Your Growth”. We aim to spread our own consortium by helping our clients to flourish and have massive fortunes, TOGETHER

Vision, Mission & Values

LUDO Ventures is the big successful dream that has scaled itself into multiple fields of businesses like Education, Travel & Tourism, E Commerce, Staffing and Software Industry. The basic perspective behind LUDO was not to develop another product in the already over swarming market, but to cater the already existing companies with The ultimate elucidation of sales and capital. Our goal is “ Arise, Awake and Stop not until the goal of 100 successful enterprises is achieved”. We have successfully but not with numerous leading brands in the business and have contributed to this multiplicated sales and growth. LUDO has a graceful honorific In the corporate workspace. We tie- up with brands to aid them with an ultimate one- stop sales support, that deals and solves each and every aspect of product marketing to final sales, advertising and brand positioning. 

With the initial goal of multiplicated sales achieved, we even purvey capital investment to the brands who have phenomenal potential of scaling up in the market. In this way, LUDO is not only helping you to decode the complex algorithm for market success, but also is your partner and backbone for reaching new heights.

Why is LUDO beneficial for Startups & Brands?

LUDO Ventures is the ultimate elucidation for your brand’s growth and prosperity. We at Ludo, bring forth the best assistance for a complete sales support to your organization. We offers brands a realistic deal- “Our Workforce, Our Finance- Your Growth”. Fathom a complete financial and personal support to your company that helps your business grow manifolds. That’s LUDO Ventures for you. Right from lead generation,  AD support, operational management, final sales support and product endorsement, our team of well- trained professionals assist you with everything, that too on our own finances. We participate in your growth and claim our remuneration only after profits have been credited to your accounts- monitory or stake-holding/partnership (as prior agreement). We believe in growing together. Our idea of growth ensures business expansion of both our clients as well as ourselves. 

We have successfully aided over 92 companies in their progress till date, and are elated to be serving more everyday. We are looking forward to join hands with aspirational start ups and established brands and lead the business forefront TOGETHER

Founder - Ludo Ventures


As Co-founder and CEO of Emoo, Mr. Anand Rai oversees the company’s marketing and sales operations. In less than a year, Ludo Ventures, another Mr. Anand’s initiative, has effectively established more than 200 dealers and distributors for the EV brand Eashwa. He has more than 16 years of prior experience in a variety of fields, including edtech, insurance, dotcom, etc. Sister companies including Ludo Capital, Ludo Holidays, and Incutopia are an addition to the Ludo Ventures group, opening the way for a unified ecosystem for StartUps under Ludo Ventures’ leadership.

In Anand Rai's own words:

Who in today’s world does not want accelerated sales, enough capital to grow or explore new initiatives? LUDO VENTURES is your one-stop answer to every question arising in the business forefront – Marketing, Sales, Capital – you name it & we are here to help you solve it.

LUDO Ventures is my dream, a legacy I have fathomed about with the aim to serve start- ups and brands. The last couple of years were not the moat wonderful time for businesses to thrive. The years 2019-2020 witnessed Some major failures and crashing economies that barely allowed established brands to flourish. So many new and meritorious start ups had to fight for basic survival and numerous of them lost the battle against the Covid- hit market and were forced to shutdown. 

This catastrophic situation created a deep turmoil in my heart and I was shocked to my core. I was in such pain and in desperate desire to do my bit to help the entrepreneurs to achieve great triumph.

This honest desire of mine, gave birth to the idea of LUDO Ventures, and I strongly believed that with this step we will be able to aid numerous start ups and entrepreneurs to overcome every hurdle in the business battlefield and emerge as victorious corporate leaders. LUDO Ventures presents a one- stop premium sales solutions for your brand’s growth and prosperity. You don’t need to hustle around for various services to different enterprises. Instead, we at LUDO assist you with and a- to- z of sales solutions, branding and marketing solutions starting from lead generation, AD support, operational management, final sales bolster and endorsement.

My motive behind this is to pave a  completely sceptic- free and jostle- free way for entrepreneurs to emerge out prosperous.

Founder - Ludo Ventures
Mrs. Shikha Jain
In Shikha Jain's own words:

“We are just like your supplementary booster medicine, having a powerful impact with no side effects!”. Trust LUDO Ventures to compliment, enhance & drive your dream business towards a lucrative trajectory.

We aspire not to grow big alone, but support those ideas & businesses who have the great potential. we are aimed towards a bigger social cause of paving the way of success for other startups. we are your Ultimate Sales Boosters !!!

Our Services

As a business booster company, we offer a range of services designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. Our services include:


sales Optimiation

Improving the lead generation process, Streamlining the sales process & Providing Training & Development to the sales team,


The goal of branding is to establish a strong and recognizable presence in the minds of consumers, foster loyalty and trust, and ultimately drive sales and revenue.


A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

Operational Management

It involves the planning, organizing, controlling, and directing of resources and activities to produce goods and services efficiently and effectively.

Our Team

“Our team is dedicated to driving business growth for our clients. Comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in marketing, sales, and strategy, we bring a unique perspective to each project. Our approach is data-driven, results-oriented, and customer-focused. We are passionate about helping companies achieve their goals and strive to deliver innovative solutions that drive real impact. Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, expand your customer base, or enter new markets, our team has the expertise and drive to help you succeed.”

Business Analyst

HR Executive

Content Writer

Graphic Designer

Ads Management

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“Trusted by industry leaders and recognized for our commitment to excellence, we are proud to partner with these organizations.”

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