The Company's sole vision is to "Grow Together", always.

Arise, Awake and stop not untill 100 Startups are scaled into multy million dollar businesses by 2030.

Why Choose Us?

Ludo Ventures is the big successful dream that has scaled itself into multiple fields of businesses - Education, Travel and tourism, E-commerce, Staffing and Software Industry. We strive to offer the best in everything we do. The company’s sole vision is to “Grow Together”, always.

Zero Sales Cost

No need to spend hefty salaries on sales team. We are here to bear that for you.

Zero Marketing Cost

No need to earmark budgets for marketing & hire marketing agency. We lift the burden on your behalf.

Capital Infusion

We infuse capital to accelerate your growth against Equity/ Debt/ Revenue.



The founding team comprises bright minds from the institutes like Birla Institute, IIT, IIM and ICAI who came together to help the startups with market and capital.